The values developed in the company assign much importance to people and their accomplishment. Therefore, it seemed a natural fit for our anniversary to realize a project ENVIES (Comittment Innovative Values Together Solidarity). Last May, every employee of TIA was sollicited to suggest a project adressing the following thematics :

  • Humanitarian
  • Ecologic
  • Environnemental
  • Solidary
  • Cultural
  • Educative

At the end of June, 4 projects were selected after a vote of the entire team.

TIA undertook to finance finance and to support the project which will be chosen by our website users.

You have been invited to designate the project before January 10th, 2020, that we will carry out !

The votes are now closed ; and you have been over 8,000 supporting our E.N.V.I.E.S.

We appreciate your interest and thank you for your participation.

Each of the proposed projects has good values, and because it has been difficult to choose between them, we have decided to support the four projects over the next few years.

You will therefore have the opportunity to follow the progress of our actions by following the news on our website or by following us on Linkedin.

Join us !

A budget of €10,000 is allocated by TIA to implement the ENVIES project, supported by an employee and chosen by the team. If you wish to participate by making your human, logistical or financial contribution, fell free to contact us.
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Drinking water access for a village in Africa

Propuesto por : Patrice L., Hardin N., Mouloud T. | País : Cape-Verde

It is said that water is drinkable when one does not die while drinking it. Let's work for access to safe drinking water for all.

Today young’s lady, tomorrow’s woman

Propuesto por : Nora E., Aurélie S. | País : Morocco, province of Essaouira

Actions for the empowernment of young ladies in rural environment of Morocco through their education

Passivation and respect for the environment

Propuesto por : Jean Jérôme C. | País : FRANCE

Contribute to reduce our environmental footprint through the improvement of our passivaiton method.

A future for children of Cambodia

Propuesto por : Sandrine R. | País : Cambodia – Kampong Thom / Kampong Speu

Supply of scolarisation kits for children from disadvantaged scools in Cambodia in the provinces of Kampong Thom and Kampong Speu.


TIA will support the four projects carried out by the company’s employees ….

11 febrero 2020 - Proyectos E.N.V.I.E.S.

Last September, in order to choose from the four projects corresponding to our E.N.V.I.E.S. we held a vote and ask you to help us On
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More than 8,000 people supported E.N.V.I.E.S projects.

10 enero 2020 - Proyectos E.N.V.I.E.S., Vida de la empresa

You were invited, before January 10, 2020, to choose the E.N.V.I.E.S project that we will carry out. The votes are now closed. More than 8,000
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Proyectos E.N.V.I.E.S

30 septiembre 2019 - Proyectos E.N.V.I.E.S.

Engagement – Novateur – Valeurs – Initiative – Ensemble – Solidarité (Engagement – Innovative – Values ​​- Initiative – Together – Solidarity) On the occasion
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