Contribute to reduce our environmental footprint through the improvement of our passivaiton method.

After an in-depth research the aim of this project is to choose and implement an appropriate passivation method from an ecologogical point of view. In addition, we’ll take advantage of this dynamic to develop our tri-selective equipment structure.   We are currently using chemical passivation with a mineral acid. Even though this method has proved to be robust and reliable, it requires a chemical reagent and treatment of the sewage. This project will allow the replacement of our current passivation method as well as reducing our ecological footprint.

List of the different passivation methods:

  • Mechanical passivation (Brush, projection, grinding)
  • Passivation bath
  • High quality and eco-responsible chemical passivation
  • Electrochemical passivation

We await you as many as possible to realize this project with us. We are open to any suggestions and ideas that might contribute to reduce our environmental impact.

Join us !

A budget of €10,000 is allocated by TIA to implement the ENVIES project, supported by an employee and chosen by the team. If you wish to participate by making your human, logistical or financial contribution, fell free to contact us.
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