T.I.A. has developed, since its creation, collaborations with many partners. These skill alliances allowed T.I.A. to always be attentive to the emergence of new technologies, to openness to new virtuous practices, to integration in its economic and territorial environment.

Institutional and associative collaborations

Interprofessional collaborations


The objectives of the CFM are to promote: Use & amp; the promotion of membranes and membrane processes, the exchange between the different academic and industrial actors of the membrane and membrane process community, any training and communication actions concerning research and developments in these fields, any action aimed at involving membranes in the industrial sector.


The European Membrane House is a non-profit association created in 2009 by universities and research institutes from 10 European countries working together on membrane technologies.


The IAR cluster develops industrial innovation on agro-resources through collaborative projects bringing together industry, public research, professional training and the agricultural world. With a global vocation, the IAR cluster creates collaborations between its members and foreign partners.


The French Society of Process Engineers brings together at the French level all the people who carry out a professional activity in the field of Process Engineering coming from all sectors of activity: chemistry, petroleum, pharmacy, cosmetology, food industry, paper industry, metallurgy , water treatment … It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between these different actors.



Trimatec is a competitive cluster positioned on clean and sober processes for the industry. The mission of the cluster is to facilitate the development of innovations in companies and to support them in their growth, by encouraging collaboration between the research actors and professional training actors.

Scientific collaborations


Centre for Agricultural Research and Development -France


National Centre of Scientific Research -France


National Institute of Agronomic Research – France