Centrifiltre® technology is protected by an international patent belonging to TIA which covers :

  • All the methods and tools related to the dynamic unclogging of a fixed media
  • The operating principle, the implementation and the accessories of CENTRIFILTRE®
  • The name and logo CENTRIFILTRE ®
  • Original Patent CNRS /UTC (1989)

Centrifiltre® technology is implemented in the form of an industrial filtration module in the same way as a crow flow membrane filtration technology.

Centrifiltre® cut-off point range is microfiltration and ultrafiltration (2µm to 20 Nm).

The Centrifiltre® uses mineral membranes of all kinds: Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2,, MgAl2O4, SiC ...

In the extent of the dynamic filtration technology, the differentiation of the Centrifiltre® is to have a fixed membrane and a rotating propeller on the membrane surface.

The high rotational speed of the propellers generates significant turbulence on the membrane surface . This continuous unclogging makes it possible to reach high concentrations on complicated rheology solutions for a classic tubular or spiral tangential filtration solution.

With its industrial applications, Centrifiltre® is an innovative disruptive technology:

  • 3x less energy consumed than conventional ceramics (monolithic module)
  • Up to 2x more permeation
  • No chemical inputs (flocculant, etc.)
  • Lifetime of ceramic membranes

Expected applications for technology are diverse and focused on the environmental market for clarification and concentration:

  • wastewater treatment plant outlets
  • gray and black water
  • Landfill leachate
  • of methanization digestate
  • black liquors

Centrifiltre® is generally used in a processing chain:
that of the digestate processing , from the post-digester to the points of discharge is described below as an example.

Global processing chain: the objective is an enhancement of all the concentrated material directed to a composting unit.