TIA has chosen its independence from membrane suppliers and will select the most suitable membrane for your needs. The cut-off point, the type, the geometry and the material composition of the membrane must be determined optimally for each product and for each application.

There are usually two main membranes families:

Mineral or inorganic membranes

  • Materials: carbon, alumina, zirconium oxide, titanium oxide, silicon carbide
  • Field: MF/UF/NF

These membranes are commonly in multi-channel tubular form.






organic membranes

  • Materials: cellulose acetate, polysulfone, polyethersulfone, polyamide, polymer alloy…
  • Field : MF/UF/NF/OI
  • Spiral, hollow fibers, planes




Pressure (bar) 1 to 120 1 to 10
Max temperature (°C) 80°C 90°C (conventional applications)
121°C (steam sterilization applications)
pH 1 to 14 0 to 14
Chlorine 200 ppm MF UF

<0.1 ppm NF OI

No limit
Lifetime (according to applications) 12 – 36 months 5 to 10 years

The wide choice of membranes offered by a dynamic and innovative market makes it possible to answer the problems raised by a very large number of industrial sectors.

Each configuration has distinct advantages and the selection of suitable membranes to filter a given fluid requires experience and pilot feasibility testing.