• 30 years  of expertise of customised industrial membrane
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  • An innovative company in the membrane filtration server
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  • Manufacturer, of customised industrial membrane filtration systems
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  • Specialist in industrial membrane filtration techniques
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Application fields

TIA is celebrating its 30st anniversary !

Since 1989, we realize and implement filtration units at the core of your process. (Re)discover some marking events of our history. For this occasion we have found some archives.

30 years of expertise

TIA makes a commitment !

Discover the 4 projects suggested and retained by the contributors of TIA and vote for the project of your choice. TIA undertakes to finance and to support the project elected by our website users.

Our E.N.V.I.E.S.

Since 1989, we support our customers in their innovative implementation of membrane filtration techniques .

We have chosen our independence so that we can respond appropriately to your most demanding requests.

Our expertise