TIA offers to its customers the rental of membrane filtration pilots. The large fleet of 36 pilots ensures that our customers can find the unit that will be able to carry out, directly on their site, product feasibility and pre-design tests, or even produce samples for technical and commercial testing.

The available pilots make it possible to carry out tests on organic and mineral membranes. They are designed to allow to test several configurations, and to choose the membrane best suitable to the specificities of the product to be processed.

Some examples :

  • Spiral or mineral Organic
  • Spiral organic 2.5’’ ou 3.8’’
  • Spiral organic 6’’
  • Spiral organic 3.8’’ ou 8’’
  • Organic hollow and/or tubular fibers
  • Mineral 1, 2 ou 4 modules
  • Choice of modules quantity in series

Industrial sizing tests are mainly carried out on membranes offering easy transposition of the pilot to the installation at scale 1 (example membrane type 6 ” or 8 ”).
To carry out feasibility tests, low surface area membranes are sufficient to reduce work volumes. TIA has also developed a micropilot to work with a very small work volume on very weak surface membranes, organic and mineral. Several micropilots are available for rent. These components are ideal for determining the appropriate cut-off point for an application.

Most of the available pilots are in manual operation. Some pilots allow semi-automatic operation for more precision and facilitate the operator work when conducting endurance tests.

At the request of the customer, a TIA engineer can move on site at the beginning of the lease for the commissioning of the pilot, the training of the operators, the conduct of the first filtration tests on the product and the implementation of the work methodology and the collection of relevant information. Throughout the pilot plant rental, our engineer remains an available contact and attentive to the smooth running of your tests; He will accompany you and provide you with the advice you need to collect valuable data for your project.